Welcome to Fantomized first collection

Generative art
on Fantom

303 Spectaculars, only.
20 pre-minted
60 FTM mint price
Affordable art, in limited edition, for FTM connoisseurs.

Initial FTM mint price
Max supply
Sorry, Sold out !
See Paintswap or NFTKey for verified second market.
Current Supply: --
Remaining Spectaculars to claim: --
Your FTM address: Mint is over

Creative process

Simple does not equal careless

Our identity

We aim to focus on quality and abstraction. Beautiful and intricated outputs, from simple components. Our goal is the visual attractiveness of the pieces we release.

Humans & Algorithms

Our creative process is an intimate mix of feeling, human touches, computer algorithms and maths. We let maths and chaos talk, but we try to influence them in the way we want.


We pre-minted 20 pieces, to be used as prizes and reward. They will be given away for social contests, or as reward for future community involvment.
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We'd love to see a community emerge around our work. We opted for a batched release so the first adopters of our collection would get a head start, with a small entry price.
With such a low supply, we aim to keep it rare and valuable on the long term.

More drops...

We would like to reward our first collection holders. Owning a Spectacular will make you eligible for future collections, details to be announced.

Future Development

Roadmap to be updated once the collection is totally minted.


A quick glimpse through the collection

Real art is high-res, only low res samples are shown here.


Green and Red, mesmerizing


A colorful alien construction


Crisp patterns emerging from a fog trail...


Some red dragon spirit?


Let there be light!


Blue islands, lost in the immensity of space

Second market

No luck minting a piece? Want to pick THE one you like?